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  The krakogn is native to the huge swamps in the north, these reptilian beasts are very robust yet mostly harmless. They live wild in the swamps and mostly eat swamp plants and small creatures. The Lizardfolk in these swamps use them as beasts of burden and as food once they have outlived their purpose.  

Basic Information


  The krakogn resembles a very a scaly reptile, they can get up to 8 feet long and weigh 325 pounds. these reptilians have four bowed short legs these legs are quite thick but very strong, this means the krakogn doesn't have superior speed just like you would expect. It has five short but sharp claws, these along with its tail is used to keep balance. The tail of the krakogn is short and very sturdy like its legs, it is believed their tails used to be longer more like the lizardmen. The neck is proportionate to their six feet long body, and the head is flat with a rounded snout like snakes.  

Genetics and Reproduction

  Krakogn can reproduce both sexually or asexually, this is what makes them great survivors and even easier to breed. They protect their eggs and hatchlings until they can survive themselves. An angry krakogn protecting their young is not to be underestimated, it can overpower you with brute force and has nasty slightly venomous bites.  

Dietary Needs and Habits

  Krakogns are omnivores but live mostly off plants within the swamp lands, small creatures do fall victim to the krakogn from time to time. Krakogns have been known to have killed quite large animals too, but this is rare and only known to be out of necessity.  

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

  Commonly domesticated by lizardfolk living in the northern swamps, krakogn serve as pack mules or draft animals for their pure strength and low need of food. When older they are eaten or used to feed other krakogn.  

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  The krakogn has a rather normal vision, but they have an amazing sense of smell. Like snakes they smell with their long thin tongue.  
18 years
Conservation Status
Not endangered, some are domesticated.
Average Height
2 feet
Average Weight
295 pounds
Average Length
6,5 feet

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