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Magic can be a powerful and beautiful power that can change the world around us with the simple snap of a finger. But when someone tries to abuse this power the consequences of their actions arrive sooner than later. After a great influx of magic in the body a person can develop a magical condition know as arcanorrhage.


One can detect arcanorrhage when a "tumor" appears in the body in the form of a shining dark blue crystal with an irregular form (similar to a bad quality chunk of nimintite) that expulses a kind of mist of the same color. This crystal starts to infect the body in the zone where it appears, but it can spread to other parts of the body through the blood.
The quantity and output of magic a person afflicted by this condition can hold is greatly increased, but with each use of magic the condition only extends more and more in the body, turning organic matter into a kind of materialized magic similar to rocks or crystals. The condition can also affect very easily the mind of the person, driving them to commit more and more reckless displays of magic and search sources of it, many times to "feed" from them.
When a person is in an advanced stage of arcanorrhage, most part if not all of their body can look similar to a living crystal, along with mist emerging from them. This mists or direct contact with the afflicted person can transmit the condition to another person if exposed for too much time to it.
The consequences to a person with this condition could be fatal. If they use too much of the raw magical energy stored inside them, they could cause an overcharge and trigger an explosion from within them, most likely killing them in the process. But that's not all, the aftermath of the explosion can leave the zone infused with toxic magical energy that could infect more people in the long run.


There are various ways a person could develop arcanorrhage:
  • If a person uses a quantity of magic far greater that it is normally capable of, among other things it can lead into arcanorrhage.
  • Exposure to a raw font of magic for too long time can also develop the condition.
  • Direct insertion of a magical device of nimintite technology into the body cause arcanorrhage around the device.


It is nearly impossible to treat arcanorrhage but some methods that have given partial results are the amputation of an affected limb if possible or invasive treatment using antimagical materials to combat the tumor. Staying in a space where magic is neutralized is also effective to stop the expansion of the condition, but not eliminate it.

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