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Elewyn Kanosis: One Grain to Tip the Scales - By Koraki Kanosis



“You are brave, you broke into Gori’s palace; you threatened me, Erawan, slayer of thousands. Of course, I will hear you out.”
  • Erawan to Elewyn
  • Elewyn was the hand maiden of the Queen of Klida and the first leader of the Aldarian Resistance.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Elewyn was born of a prominent high ranking family. It is common for the elves to not actually have last names and it is unknown to me if her family did. Her family served the king of Lenagaard and she was raised with the expectation of being a lady of the court. She choose to leave Lenagaard and serve in the court of their ally, Klida. During the dragon war after Klida's destruction she broke into the palace and convinced Erawan to run away with her. Together they plotted to overthrow the emperor and began stealing dragon eggs. She founded a school during that time to train young dragons.


    Family Ties

    Here is a quick list of her family connections: 
    • Wife of Erawan Kanosis
    • sister of Tarnink
    • mother of Tydeus and 
    • adopted mother of Lidie
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Lady and Handmaiden. She was of the royal Lenagard family through her brother and therefore a Lady of the court. She moved to Klida when their half sister married a fyure fae. She accepted the honor of being the right hand lady and handmaiden of the queen of Klida.
    Date of Death
    We prefer not to remember her death.
    Circumstances of Death
    Emperor made a rare choice to kill her with his own hand.
    Current Residence
    Like pools of the sea, a green blue. Teal almost.
    Long wavy blond tresses.
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Peach white
    about what Gaians would call 5 feet.
    isn't it impolite to ask a woman her weight?

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