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Syla Dreyt

Picture     The High Branch druid (leader) of the Pale Druids, she brought with her a number of druids to strengthen the already established group of druids when she moved to Sofmyre with her younger brother Nate Dreyt. While she is powerful in terms of magical prowess, her true skills come from her knowledge of Sofmyre Forest and nature in general.

Physical Description

Special abilities

While her greatest strength may be her knowledge, she isn't to be underestimated when it comes to magical ability.   Having been borned and raised in Insia for a long time has made her train under the Insia Terra Army for some time. Her ability differs a little from the army however, Syla not being satisfied with controlling the earth. She devised her own kind of magic where she controls dust particles at will.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Syla was first born in Insia and her childhood was fairly normal. She expressed a love for nature when she was fairly young, around 8 years old. Her parents encouraged this, though they couldn't do much to try and get her to experience various ecosystems since Insia is located on top of a plateau. The most Syla got in terms of experiencing different ecosystems was to attend school in Insia. She read many a book about various plants, creatures, monsters, all kinds of books about nature, because of this she also was excellent at academics in general. Pair that with her natural magical abilities and she quickly became noticed by the Insia Terra Army. After she received an invitation to be trained by the army, she declined the offer due to her disinterest in war and focused more on her studies and her brother. Despite this she did still attract attention, bringing in various druids from outside the city and getting other people interested in the subject inside the city (making more druids). One druid in particular told her about Sofmyre and how there was already a group of them there doing various research on nature for the king. At the age of 21 she decided to leave Insia behind to go to Sofmyre with all the other druids in tow. This also included her brother Nate; because he wanted to go with Syla, their parents agreed to let him go without much issue. They knew Nate was in capable hands with his older sister. After spending a good couple of weeks traveling to Sofmyre, it wasn't long before she proved herself in the city and formed the Pale Druids guild at the age of 22.
Current Location
Year of Birth
550 SRH 44 Years old

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