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Spirit Fusion Ritual

Developed in 544SRH, the Spirit Fusion Ritual is the only one of its kind, meaning it is the only known method for creating Macha. While its first intended use was for war purposes, with the Demisent being the most common Macha, their use shifted to a more mundane use. Now every kingdom in the land has magician's and artisans that are specifically hired to make Macha.


Since Macha are a pretty recent, there isn't much history to go on when talking about the Spirit Fusion Ritual. However, it is said that the first idea was thought of when a low-leveled spirit from a Bank Stone picked up something off the ground that a magician had dropped.   The first time it was executed, there was only a single necromancer that went through with it. However now it is usually done with at least 4 necromancers present, making the process a lot faster and yielding better results.


The actual execution of the ritual has been simplified over the years. Since most people tend to go with Demisent, most Spirit Fusion Rituals tend to be the simplified version of the original, involving a simple circle, triangle, square, and a couple of words of power inscribed into each shape. The circle gathers nearby wandering spirits and spiritual energy, the triangle below it (pointing towards the square below the triangle) takes those spirits and funnels the energy into the square. The square (having a Saux in the middle) then puts that energy into an empty Saux stone, creating a Macha inside. Usually there is a necromancer in the middle of the circle, two at the other tips of the triangle (the ones not pointing to the square), and one outside of the square. This method usually only takes about an hour to perform and can still create a Sent, though not very likely.   If one trying to make a Sent Macha, then steps can be taken to up the chances of the ritual yielding one. The ritual uses the same layout, but with more words of power in each shape. More necromancers are usually hired to gather, channel, and put spiritual energy into a Saux, and finally the ritual is a lot closer to the original, making it take 8 hours to complete.

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