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A magical artifact that enables the creation and storage of Macha. While the creation of the Saux and the creation of the Macha are two different processes, both involve the Saux itself. One process is its actual creation, the other having the Macha being created inside of it.


The main use for Saux are for containing and summoning Macha, however they can also be used to store some amount of magical energy, though not very reliable as a type of batteries. Most people in the world use them as servants and household aids. Most Sent however are used in the military die to their naturally affinity to magic and independent thinking.


Most of the time, Saux are made with a type of stone that is naturraly magically charged. It was found that Bank Stones hold magic fairly well, but often there were a lot of spirits around them as well. Once it's excavated, it is brought to magicians that specialize in enchantment to refine the magic of the stone. Then it is worked on by local artisans, and then finally brought to magicians that specialize in necromancy to create the Macha.
Access & Availability
They aren't cheap, but they are fairly common everywhere as the technology has become fairly universal. Proficient magicians may even buy empty Saux and preform the ritual themselves to save some money. Of course sent are a good deal more expensive and rarer than demisent.
While these types of artifacts existed before they were officially called Saux, they were only fairly recently researched and manufactured in the year 554 SRH.
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