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Picture     One of the most powerful monsters to reside in Thinsilver Forest, thankfully they have never been seen to leave the forest, only making them a threat if one enters. Beware however, as once people enter the forest, it is very likely that they encounter one of these monsters. While it does seem incorporeal, survivors of some attacks state that it can be hit by physical attacks, though not very effective. Its presence has been described as horribly unsettling, making even the most hardened of veterans stand in shock at its sight. It would seem to have a type of power to severely weaken its opponents, though only a single account from Ura has been recorded of this.     This is the only information there seems to be about this monster, no one has ever actually defeated on of these, and very few survive an encounter with one. These monsters are the main reason why so little is known about Thinsilver Forest and what maybe lies inside.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They seem to perceive and hear things normally, though its suggested by the Pale Druids that they also know when people enter the Thinsilver Forest. For whatever reason that may be, no one knows, though it has been suggested that because of this that they may be some type of guardians that look after the forest.
Average Height
12 feet
Average Length
9 feet

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