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Mycoid Mins

According to Camilla Kowalski's notes, these Mycoid are the youngest of the species. Being around 4 feet tall when they are first born (first become sentient). They begin as spores that come from a Mycoid Huma that land onto a big tree (though humanoid bodies also seem to work, taking the life of said humanoid in the process). The spores grow from the nutrients they take from their hosts. They apparently seem to look like regular mushrooms when they are in this stage until they grow their 4 feet tall. It takes around 3-4 weeks before they become sentient, detach from their host, and then these little Mycoid only stay small for a few weeks before they mature into either a Mycoid Priest, Mycoid Brute, or Mycoid Ravager. While they may be little and newborn, they can still pose a threat if not careful around them. If one sees Mycoid Mins, there is almost always other mature Mycoid around to protect them.     The process of the evolution seems to have a couple of distinguishing factors to them. One way to tell what the Mycoid Mins will become in a few weeks is by their personality. If calm then a brute, is curious then a priest, if excitable then a ravager. If their personality doesn't seem to develop, the physical appearance can also determine the outcome. If they grow pretty fast then a brute, if they grow thin then a ravager, if they grow two controlled tentacle-like appendages then a priest.

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