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These big living fungi usually travel in small packs. While they are all fairly dangerous, they usually don't attack others on sight unless something draws near their sporing grounds. The monsters are all feral, though there are rumors that some live long enough to become intelligent and less volatile. Expert druids say if any of their species would come close to becoming intelligent, it would likely be the Mycoid Priest or the Mycoid Huma. Each type of Mycoid varies in skill and magical affinity, however all of them seem to carry the same type of toxins within them, the Mycoid Mins having the weakest.

Basic Information


While their appearances can vary, all of them seem to have some things in common. They all seem to have a mushroom cap on their heads, have several black eyes, and white rubbery flesh.

Ecology and Habitats

Most Mycoids stay in forests, often in the deeper parts of them, though none have been reported in the Thinsilver Forest as of yet. When it comes time to reproduce, they tend to find a giant tree trunk and the Mycoid Huma lets out a bunch a spores, making mushroom caps appear on the tree over a period of 3-4 months. Depending on how big the tree is will determine how many Mycoid Mins are born, and if the tree host survives the process or not. More often than not however, the host tree does not survive and shrivels up as if it was thoroughly burned, though the bark feels wet instead of dry and brittle.

Average Height
4 - 6 feet
Average Weight
80 - 160 lbs

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