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Monster & Bandit Attacks

Players will need to worry about Monsters and Bandits showing up, even when they are at home and especially when they leave to go somewhere. Bandits are always going to be more likely to show up than monsters (except for the Thinsilver Outpost. While they won't do any damage to the property, they will always take at least 2 random items in storage and 20% of money put into storage as well. Since players as a whole can only carry 1,000 cubes of currency (regardless of what type they may be) they will need to deposit some money inside their storage bank.   Monsters are more deadly than bandits in a sense because they destroy property. So while they won't steal any items or money from the players, having damaged property will have to make them spend money in order to repair the damages. The cost of the repairs is always going to be 5% of all the building costs (and upgrades) pooled together. For example, when first starting the tower that they reside in costs a total of 12,250 GC. If monsters successfully attack, they will need to spend 5% of 12,250 for damages, which makes it 612 GC and 5 SC.     There are ways to prevent both attacks from happening with upgrades and simply being in the tower. While the players are at their HQ (tower), the percentage of bandits showing up decreases, though the percentage of monsters showing up will always be the same regardless of if they are there or not. If the players are at their HQ and monsters/bandits show up, they will enter into a battle to determine who wins. If they get defeated the monsters/bandits succeed in destroying/robbing their HQ. If they fend them off, then nothing happens and they can reap the spoils.   When the players are gone from their HQ, the likelihood of bandits showing up increases, while monsters still stay the same. When they are gone, if monsters or bandits show up, they automatically succeed in destroying/robbing. While there is a chance for monsters and bandits to show up every day, once one group of them shows up, there is no chance of them showing up again until the players come back from their mission. This is to not discourage the players to leave their HQ to go on missions. So while there is a risk in leaving the HQ, it isn't a total catastrophe if they do.   Once the players have purchased enough merchants, they may have the option of controlling them when an attack on their HQ occurs. They will simply enter into a normal battle, but will be controlling the merchants instead of themselves. They may only do this when the players themselves are out on a journey and only the merchants are left to defend their HQ. The merchants will automatically level up with the players, but since the players are special, they will always be one level lower than them, meaning bandit/monster encounters are always going to be a little more difficult because they are all going to be the same level (both monster/bandits and the merchants).     Both the monsters' and the bandits' levels are going to keep up with the players' levels. Everywhere they go their enemies are very likely to be one level lower than the players'; the only exception being Thinsilver Outpost.   While the percentage of monsters showing up is never going to change (save for when players purchase upgrades) the bandits' percentage is going to go up as the players level up. The percentage is going to be increased by 2% each level.


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