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Grant System

For this next campaign, have a type of grant system in place where the players can get a grant from the Silverleaf Army if they want more money for upgrades (or anything really).   The way this can work is that they can go plead their case for some money to the Silverleaf army Captain Kris Losh. Depending on how they roll with persuasion will either get them more or less money. The difficulty can be set by a certain amount depending on how much they ask for. Though there is a max on how much they can get at some point. They may only plead their case once a day to get money, and this would use up at least one time slot.   Simply meeting the roll will just get them the amount that they asked for, and the persuasion meter will go up normally. The persuasion meter will determine how much more difficult it will be to get money from Kris. This percentage will only go down a certain amount after a week passes.     -Rolling well will get them the amount that they asked for and reduce the amount that the persuasion meter will go up.   -Not meeting the roll (getting half of the required roll up to the required amount) will make them receive only 15% of what they originally asked for.   -Rolling lower than half of the required amount fails the roll completely. They get no money and the persuasion meter goes up twice that of the usual amount.     As a base, they may ask for 10 PC, making the difficulty of getting this amount 12 Persuasion. Each time they ask for more, the amount goes up by 15 PC, which will also make the difficulty of the roll go up by 1. The persuasion meter goes up by only 1 if they roll well (which is to say at least 5 over the difficulty roll), and goes up by 4 if they fail completely; otherwise it simply goes up by 2. Once the end of the week passes by, the persuasion meter goes down by 4 points, never going lower than the base amount (12). The bank merchant will give them a bonus amount of money depending on his level.     12 Persuasion = 10 PC | 13 Persuasion = 25 PC | 14 Persuasion = 40 PC   15 Persuasion = 55 PC | 16 Persuasion = 70 PC | 17 Persuasion = 85 PC   18 Persuasion = 100 PC | 19 Persuasion = 115 PC | 20 Persuasion = 130 PC   21 Persuasion = 145 PC | 22 Persuasion = 160 PC | 23 Persuasion = 175 PC   24 Persuasion = 190 PC | 25 Persuasion = 205 PC | 26 Persuasion = 220 PC   27 Persuasion = 235 PC | 28 Persuasion = 250 PC | 29 Persuasion = 265 PC   30 Persuasion = 280 PC (MAX)


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