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Galvanized Steppes

This is inspired by one of my own locations in my Lyna campaign. This is almost going to be a 1 to 1 replica of it.   This is a tiny pocket dimension when compared to a lot of others. It only seems to be around 50-100 km in circumference. The borders (whatever these might be) seem to form a perfect circle, encapsulating the area pretty nicely. The pocket dimension itself seems to be tucked away somewhere, it's difficult to find without some form of good luck. Maybe that's due to its size and fairly simplistic nature? Either way it seems to be pretty cut off form the rest of the...existence(?). While there are some creatures roaming about, a lot are fairly friendly and/or non violent. The few that are stay relatively out of sight, and as long as no one enters their territory, people should be fine in this place. Also, the ones that are violent, are pretty dangerous, nothing you really want to encounter or even seek until you're stronger.


The main thing about this location is that it is essentially a plains area. There is mid/high grass everywhere, with a color gradient between yellow and green (though mostly yellow). There are very few hills, most of the location's elevation/depression is in the form of slopes. the only real elevation would be from a hill that reaches fairly close to the low clouds. There are at least 4-5 small plateaus that litter the plains, similar to this: Plateau. None of them have anything on them, though a single one near the edge does have a hole in it.   The other main thing about this pocket dimension is that there are always grey/dark clouds above the entirety of the location. Lightning is always striking the ground constantly in this place. While the lightning is continuous, it only ever strikes every half hour or so. As a result, it would be dangerous to stay in elevated areas for too long, as well as in open areas in general. Strangely enough, the ground where lightning strikes never seems to catch fire or be burnt by the lightning. It seems to be the grass itself that is the phenomena rather than the lightning. Being struck by lightning here would be the same as in Starhaven, very bad.   A few structures also litter the plains, though it's difficult to tell how many there are in total, however none of them are in clusters adjacent to other buildings, and most of them seem to be some form of houses and all of them are structurally/architecturally different. All of the buildings seem old though, none seem to be terribly advanced technologically speaking. They are all worn down and anything that would likely be considered technology or machines don't seem to work anymore, either due to lack of power, lack of knowledge on how it might work, or simply too worn down/damaged. The most prominent house (the players' HQ) is one that is tucked away down the biggest hill that reaches the clouds, The Forge Mansion. There is a tiny river that crosses the entire location, and only one structure seems to be built close to it. The width of this river is no more than 5-6 feet. While the water is clear, no fish or other creatures can be seen swimming in it.

Fauna & Flora

While some insects can be seen roaming about here and there eating the grass, other living creatures seem to be missing and/or simply don't reside here. Curiously enough, all insects seem to be able to fly, none seem to dwell/live on/in the ground.   There doesn't seem to be flowers around either, though maybe the occasional weed. Most if not all of the flora living in this location is regular grass. Not a single tree can be seen in this place, not even little shrubs.

Natural Resources

There are likely some minerals that can be mined from the plateaus, though no sign of mining is shown on any of them. The water in the river seems to be able to be safe to drink and is quite clear. The only source of food would likely be the insects found roaming about, though a single person would be hard-pressed to make even a modest living out of that. Essentially a couple of people could likely live here for maybe 4-5 days with water alone.

Dimensional plane
Included Locations

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