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When a player dies there's always going to be a kind of penalty for dying. While the characters themselves aren't going to die completely, consequences are going to be in place so that people don't simply get reckless and brush it off.   The penalty for dying is losing everything that the player in question has on their person, meaning any money and equipment stays behind where they died. They will also lose a little bit of exp, never actually leveling down though. So 10% of what the total for that level is, meaning it's always going to be a constant per the level. If the player decides to go back to try and get their equipment and money back, they can, though it depends if they died in a location where other people are likely to pass by. This means there's a chance that their equipment and money disapear by the time they get there. Their equipment isn't as likely to disappear as their money, though it really depends what they were doing before dying.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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