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Clarification on Sustaining Boons

This clarification is needed because I think the core rules don't explain this well enough (so I made a judgment call).     When someone sustains a boon, they have to actively sustain it on their next turn, rather than the turn that they invoked it.   This is the bigger clarification: When someone casts a single boon on multiple targets on a single turn. So for example if Alona decided to cast Aura on herself and two others, this would be considered invoking a single boon.   The disadvantage for multi-casting happens normally (meaning she would suffer a penalty of disadvantage 3 because she is targeting 3 people in total), but the single boon means that at the end of her next turn, she only needs a single minor action (as the rules state) to sustain the boon for all the targets that she cast the boon on last turn.   This is only allowed to happen when a user invokes a boon on a single turn. If Alona would cast the boon Aura on only herself for one turn, and then a few turns later cast Aura again on another target, this would be considered two different boon castings, thus two different boons. This would mean she would be able to sustain only one of those boons at a time each turn (unless you have the superior concentration feat).

Metaphysical, Arcane

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