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Lusus Naturae

17th of Lololus, 256NV

Created by

Far in the future, a three-headed war is tearing apart our galaxy. In one corner lies the Hearth of Sumolus, a benevolent military junta that is welcoming to most of the galaxy's races. Opposing them directly is the Separatist Toreni Federal States, who disagree with how The Hearth is governed and split away, causing a civil war. Finally, opposing everything is the Affliction. An alien, biological super-weapon with one goal in mind: assimilation.   Though there are things more important than a war. Why did the precursors disappear? Why is one word repeated over and over in ancient records? Why are people disappearing in the Outer Rim at an unprecedented rate?   Above all is the Tatter, the fabric on which universes are built. Strange machinations are in motion throughout the universe. Machinations with threaten the existence of the universe itself. Creatures beyond comprehension are watching and taking note. Forces unimaginable are at play. The universe is angry, but will the inhabitants of this world realize this before it's too late?   Only time will tell.