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Ostryga is the land of mermaids next to Drelu with a lagoon and underwater flowers and all that jazz.


All the inhabitants of Ostryga are merfolk, the paler kind.


Ostryga's waterfall wall provides it with quite a good defense.


Ostryga harvests pearls and sutanna to make clothes, and these are what they trade. They have an agreement with Eaglenia which helps them trade with the merfolk of Spirula.


People come to Ostryga to see the famed country of pearls and the merfolk way of living. They come to see the singing and the making of the pearls. They come to see the underwater riding races and schools, to see the quicksilver mounts flashing their fins as they swim past.


The buildings in Ostryga are tall cylinders that are rounded at the top, polished beautifully. The windows are made of sea glass and the doors are made of tightly interwoven coral. The merfolk of Ostryga decorate their buildings by adding flowers to the surface and engraving into the surfaces as well. Special buildings such as the castle are also decorated with the specially imported polyskujasy coral from Spirula.


Ostryga is set in a beautiful lagoon, surrounded by a waterfall wall and blocked off from the ocean by a narrow canyon. From the outside, it looks like a huge curtain of water, and once you get inside, you realize that the sky is actually blocked off by this thin ceiling of water, which causes colors to dance in the air. There are small pools of water outside the waterfall wall, and these are entry points into the country.

Natural Resources

Ostryga harvests pearls and a particular kind of seaweed called sutanna that is used to make their clothes.

Alternative Name(s)
The Oyster, Pearl Kingdom, Mermaid Lagoon
National Territory
9 lakh 77 thousand

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