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World's End

Purpose / Function

Simply the remains of an old world city. Located on the peninsula on the far west, it was spared all of the Cataclysm, though died anyways. The huge city is in decay and dilapidated. An event occurred at some point later, and the ruins now stand empty. Only the spirit remnants that line and shimmer across the city remain as proof that it was once populated, and the powerful monsters they create. The place remains an object of fascination by old world scholars and plunderers. To visit the city ruins is considered a sort of pilgrimage, and treated as such by those who crossed the world and back.   While the whole city can be considered a land mark, the goal of travelers is often the old citadel on a peak over the cliff, which looks out over the ocean and has a commanding view of the city. There is much unplundered art, treasure and relics that is, by its nature, difficult to reach. There is also a stigma associated, as the place is a snap shot of the old world and few dare to even visit it, or can. Those who do are often humbled by the visit and decide to leave the place alone.


The sprawling city lays in decay, with many of the taller buildings collapsing due to lack of maintenance and some violence or unknown events in the aftermath of the Cataclysm.


Constructed with the white marble like structure, with high roofs and deep tunnels and basements. The marble seems to have been carved from magic, as it is smooth where unaltered.


One of the bigger cities of the old world, it was ruined by the Cataclysm all the same as the old empire died. Many left the city to repopulate the much more empty world. Societal collapse ensued, with violence and riots. At some point, an event took place and what is known is no one has lived in the city since. The sea of glowing spirit remnants give the city an ethereal glow, especially at night, and some can even see the ghosts of the past. This incredible source of pain and suffering, and abundance of soul residue ensured it would become home to many powerful monstrosities.

Alternative Names
Vestige of the Old World
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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