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Great Hall of Wienkauf


A wide open and spacious great hall that doubles as a throne room for the Barron of Wienkauf in Castle Wienkauf. It is longer than it is wide and tall, with pillars near the sides that support the roof, as well as hold candelabras and banners. A fireplace sits on the opposite end of the entrance, which keeps the place warm and provides more light. The floors are tiled, with a long red carpet stretching from the entrance to the thrones. There is a raised dias with two short steps upon which the Barron's thrones sit, although only one is in use.


There is a main entrance through double doors that can be bared when court is not in sesson. There are also tall windows along the right side of the wall from the entrance that lets in light and is stained with religious iconography. There are also two small doors opposite the main entrance which leads towards the servants quarters and is where the Barron enters and exits from. There is also a trap door at the end of the red carpet that drops into a chamber where a vicious monster waits.

Sensory & Appearance

The place smells of the food that is kept magically preserved on the two long tables that run along the sides of the middle of the room near where the pillars rise. There is also the smell of scented ever burning candles that provide illumination and burning wood from the fireplace. The room is cast in amber light from the magical sources.


Various castle dwellers can be found eating throughout the day from the tables that are always kept topped off and preserved. When court is in session, the Barron can be found at his throne. Occasionally his daughter sits the throne beside him in a booster chair but only he can make decisions. The Captain of the Guard is present and provides physical security along with various patrolling guards. The Court Mage is present and often stands (or rather, floats) at the left corner of the Barron with Sarris on the right. Other court members like Sorra (Treasurer) and Cackles (Jester) pass through when needed. There are also trumpeters in the overhead balconies and sound fanfares whenever someone enters through the doors and walks down the red carpet when court is in session.

Contents & Furnishings

A modest throne, long wooden tables, a carpet, candle holders, a fireplace, and chairs.

Hazards & Traps

A trap door near the dias that is activated by a switch on the Barron's throne.

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