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The living world. Resplendent in its masses of foliage, dressed in a finery of growing plants, the world of Logresse is a calm oasis. Life finds a place here to bolster itself in a realm that often looks at it askance.   There are people living among its grass forests as well as upon the seas of plants along the Verdants. Society is important to these people. They are ruled by noblemen who take their oaths of defending the land most seriously. Zealotry has led in some unfortunate cases to wars, despite the relative peace displayed wherever one looks. War brings destruction and is hated by those who worship the greenwood. So an eternal vigil is kept to stop any warmongering before it gets out of hand.   A few, see the World of Plants as a place under developed and under utilised. Their ambition is to improve its forests and crops so the other worlds will only look to Logresse for their needs. To make this a reality, there will need to be a unifying control won — wrested from the nobility, however that might be best made real.

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Men of old strengths, bring new ideas to challenge the existing Orders.

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