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Spitfire Caverns

Spitfire Caverns is an underground cave system that is found in Spitfire Volcano. It has two distinct areas: the scorching magma caverns and the cooler water caverns. It is the main residence of the Hellfire Demon.


Spitfire Caverns is a system of complex lava caves that lead to two distinct areas: the magma caverns and the water caverns.

In the cooler area of Spitfire Caverns, lava has cooled and formed rocks along the walls, fortifying the cave's integrity against erosion. It is also noted that numerous minerals can be mined from here. Another feature of the area are the hot springs and pools of water that are seen. Due to the Spitfire Volcano being located near the river and sea, water had flowed through the cooler caverns of the volcano, resulting in the creation of hot springs and the pools. This area of Spitfire Caverns is safe to traverse, but high vigilance is recommended.

The hazardous magma caverns of the area features magma falls, magma pools, and a network of magma rivers. While there are rocky grounds that allow traversal through the area, caution must be taken when stepping on them as the ground can easily break when there's too much weight on it. The area also holds a variety of minerals due to the heat and pressure within the caverns.


The water caverns of Spitfire Cavern hold an aquatic ecosystem consisting of marine fauna such as the Redfinned Fish and Jaggedtooth Eels. The cooler temperatures of the area allows life to thrive. It provides herbivorous species plankton as the water provides adequate conditions for the growth and reproduction of plankton. The water also holds numerous spots where prey species can hide from predators and lay their eggs. These come in the form of rock cracks and crevices.

In the magma caverns, there are species that managed to thrive within it by feeding on minerals that form in the area. Though only a few species survive in the extreme temperature of the caverns, these include Ironhide Snails, Rocky Slugs, and the Hellfire Demon.

Localized Phenomena

Spitfire Volcano is known for its volatile magma. The magma erupts from the lava pools and rivers, possibly due to a build up of gases as a distinct foul odor follows after the miniature eruption. Another phenomena that makes traversing through the cavern dangerous is the quicker erosion of the ground, which can result in an adventurer falling into boiling magma caused by the ground breaking easily.

Fauna & Flora

One of the few species recorded are the Redfinned Fish and Jaggedtooth Eels. They are species exclusively found in this area as they are not recorded to live in other bodies of water. Redfinned Fish feed on the plankton that grow within the waters and lay eggs in the cracks of the rocks underwater. The Jaggedtooth Eels then prey on the Redfinned Fish.

In the magma caverns, Rocky Slugs and Ironhide Snails survive by feeding on the minerals of the area, and using chunks of it to fortify their respective shells and use it for camouflaging into the environment. One of the notable species that live within these caverns is the Hellfire Demon. It somehow manages to survive within the magma as it is reported to swim in the magma pools and rivers.

Natural Resources

Rocks and minerals are abundant in the Spitfire Caverns. Due to the heat and pressure, precious materials form along the walls of the caverns. These include iron, copper, and other metallic ores that can be used to forge weapons, and coals to power furnaces and other heating machinations.
Underground / Subterranean
Inhabiting Species

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