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Wolfoods General Store

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"General" Store

The structure stands roughly two stories tall, cut glass windows framed in black iron are spaced evenly every two feet or so.
Two heavy wooden doors adorn the the left side of the front of the building, hanging inbetween two long pieces of formed metal allowing them to be rolled open to bring in goods easily. The front door entrance to the store is a solid piece of white wood that had the face of an Elephant burned into the center of it.

Once inside, the smell of burning incense and fruits fill the air. The clanging of bells ring as the door closes shuts, tapping a bundle of brass bells that cause a massive creature behind the counter to abrubtly stand up. A grey skinned, long trunked, large eared and equally massive guy Loxodon shifts his weight to greet the party. Dressed in fancy purples and yellow garments, Unusually clean given the grimy exterior of the Cay.
A bellowing "Hello!" ripples from the creature,
"Welcome to Wolfoods from Wolfood, you're humble purveyor of goods and services! Let me know if you need a hand!"


The store seems to be broken into three sections:



The left most side of the store is walled off almost completely behind Wolfoods counter, a single door on the wall is made of solid steel and leads to the locked storeroom where extra goods and the more expensive items are kept.
The wall itself is adorned in what looks to be hundred of thick bones ranging in size from a few inches to a few feet in length.
If questioned, Wolfood will exciditly laugh and begin to regail his story of how he was once swalled whole by a whale while out swimming in the brisk waters of the Oswarian Sea! How it dragged him to the blackest depth of the ocean before he used one of the whales own Ribs to Carve his way out of the beasts gut. "I dragged the bastard all the way back to the surface and sold his blubber and meat to the sailors in town and bought this shop with the money I made, now he brings me good luck and fortune again!"

The store floor

Shelves packed with all manner of mining equipment, hiking gear, snow gear, and hunting gear line a majority of the shelves. Several series of books line the back wall, encyclopedias, wood-working, steel forging, and other bits of knowledge self-help guides are written in common tounge and published by the College of Warrington.

The Maintenance Hall

The far right of the store is sectioned off by a short four foor wall, with a clasp held gate that has a sign printed onto steel reading, The Maintenance Hall. Several machinations of tools stand across the space. The back wall is covered in different assortments of steel, ranging from different widths and lengths to different thicknesses. Many bottles filled with screws, bolts, tie rings and other useful adornments to build, repair, and/or upgrade the sturdyness of ships can be found here as well as the tools to use them.
Parent Location

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