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The Crossfire

"We're stopping here," Cassady said. "Here? It seems kinda, well, scary," Illium hesitated. "But if you say it's alright..." "Don't you worry, my Lady, The Crossfire is the safest place in The Southern Cliffs. Just, y'know. Don't freak out." Aris raised an eyebrow. "Why would we freak ou-" "Oh my Gods!"  
  The Crossfire Tavern and Inn. A surprising large building that sits alone on the side of a dusty road. Made of simple stone and wood, the Crossfire is unknown to the majority of the world. The runes carved into the beams ensure that it's Aura hides it from those who wish it's inhabitants harm. See, The Crossfire has one demographic - Demons.    The Crossfire sits deep within The Southern Cliffs, a few miles from any standing city. It's quiet on the outside and relatively hard to get to, but once one does, the inside is like coming back home.   Where it's common for Demons to use their Aura to make themselves look more human, The Crossfire allows for rest and respite from pretending. The main room is spacious, more spacious then one would expect. Dark planks make up the floor, thick tapestries hang on the stone walls to keep out the cold (and some are used to hide the cracks from wayward fists, of course.) A fireplace roars in the corner and torches line the walls and float in the air. The flames are Hellfire, the orangish-gold light soothing to those underneath it.    Most of the tables have seen better days, some rickety, most scarred by knives and claws. Music floats in from somewhere, and it's clear that it's not from the Bard that's on break at the moment. Behind the counter is Carnen, the owner and bartender. A Demon of Darrun, most would assume he was the maker of the music, but a the twinkle in his eye would tell you that it's a mystery that won't be solved any time soon.    The liquor he sells is sharp and clean. It's specifically designed for Demons, as they can't get drunk on normal means. He serves quickly and efficiently and he's always willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs to speak. He's insured that his establishment would be a place where Demons could come to be themselves, but he still haides all their secrets away. If anyone knows anything and about anyone, it would be him.    The other employees of the bar are few. A tight-knit community, one would say. His wife, Toura, runs the Inn. She's the quiet type, but fiercely protective over her family and her home. A Demon of Darrun herself, she runs the Inn with pride. Sitting above the Tavern, it has two dozen rooms which she keeps clean and tidy. Where her husband knows of the patrons, she knows of the outside. Her frequent trips to the closest city for supplies allow her to bring news back to The Crossfire.   Helping her is Gardon and Rome, her and Carnen's adoptive sons and Rome's husband, Noram. Gardon takes after his mother, quiet and reserved. He acts as the security, making sure no squabbles get out of hand. Noram is behind the scenes, cooking the best food this side of the Continent and Rome serves it to the customers. Rome is terribly charming and Noram is rather frank, but their love is plain to see.   The bar stands to the right of the front door, long and dark, also scarred from years of service. Some stools have a wobble to them and some are pseudo reserved from certain customers. Like stone-faced Marnna, an older Demon of Lunet. Smarter and quicker than a whip, she is, and she'll make sure you know. She sits and the very end, watching over the room, observing. She meets the eyes of everyone that enters, and she watches as they leave, ever vigilant.   On the other hand, Argyun moves with a surprising amount of grace considering how drunk he is most of the time, helped by him being of Artreya, no doubt. He stumbles every so often, but he rights himself quickly. He's cheerful and boisterous and is always ready to share a story. Despite his hulking size, he really is kind and tries to level himself with anyone he speaks to. He also is quite good at cards, though if he can tell you're struggling, he might throw a match or two.    Brawls break out often, but rarely due to malice. The tavern allows for a place to be free and let go and sometimes wrestling is the best way to do that. Tables and glasses break, but it's never been a problem. The patron are friendly, the workers kind, and when the Bard returns from his break, the songs of Demons fill the rooms with laughter and joy.   And if you're lucky, you might be able to see Marnna crack a smile.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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