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Ballyrc (b-AH-l-ur-k)

Ballyrc is a magical metal found in the mountains of Nellaryc. It has 10 variants, each with their own special properties, but all sharing one trait: ballyrc absorbs.  



Ganryllac (g-AH-n-r-ih-l-ah-c) absorbs color. It is unknown what its natural color is, as when in ore form, it takes on the color of the rock surrounding it. This makes it very difficult to mine. The miners who work in the ganryllac mines are specially trained to a specific type of mining. The human slave miners carry with them brightly colored pieces of cloth. This serves two purposes. The first is that none of them can try to hide to escape, as their colorful clothing stands out from the rock around them. The second is that before striking the rock, they brush over the entire area with their colorful cloths, and if a rock absorbs the color, they know that it's ganryllac. The Faire miners carry with them specizl balls of light, which they reflect across the rock around them. As with all ballyrc, ganryllac is shiny, so the lights help seperate it from the rock around them. In practical application, it completely drains the color from whatever object it touches, and turns to a mottle of those colors. It then drains the color from the next object it comes in contact with, and transfers the colors from the previous object to it. At times, it is considered fasionable to change one's skin color through this process.


Llarynv (l-AA-r-ih-n-v) absorbs emotion. It's natural color is black, but it changes brighter towards white based on the intensity of the emotions it stores. When a living creature comes in contact with it, the emotions they are feeling at the moment completely drain away. The next person it comes in contact with gettheir emotions swapped with those being stored. This feature is often used for Nellaryc's judges and entertainers. Judges drain their emotions to become impartial to cases and make their decisions justly. Entertainers store up their emotions to feel the proper way at the right moment and thus increase believability and dramatic effect.


Vyllarg (v-ih-l-AR-g) absorbs form. It is very easy to find, as its ore is a dark blue, rugged sphere in a larger, smooth ball. It is extracted by touching the ore with a small rod, then grabbing the now rod shaped metal with a cloth being held in a second cloth. The cloth is then closed around the cloth-shaped metal and the rod-shaped cloth. The spheroid which had originally been a rod is mined out through normal means and brought to be reforged by the blacksmiths. Whatever makes contact with vyllarg gains its shape, making it incredibly dangerous. For this reason, all Vyllarg are kept in a special chamber in the Nellaryc palace, although some pieces have been stolen over the years, and sold illegally. The transfer of form only applies to objects that make contact with the vyllarg after its last change. For example, once the metal becomes cloth shaped during extraction, it doesn't then swap with the cloth holding that fabric, as it was already in contact with the form. Vyllarg has a uniqueness apart from the other variants of ballyrc, as its form swap leaves it in the same place where the object whos form it absorbed had previously been, with the object similarly being in the same form and place as the metal had previously been in. Along with the figure of the object, the vyllarg's form absorption also takes its properties, such as flexibility, melting point, and maleability. A living being can come in contact with vyllarg and live as whatever new form they are in, but they only have as much movability as that form had, meaning that unless they are in the form of an animal, they are essentially trapped as an observer in whatever form they have. When vyllarg absrobs the form of a body, it doesn't move, but rather acts as a corpse. However, if a living being comes in contact with the metal, it can still move around in the body. This does not apply to if the vyllarg absorbed the form of a corpse. The vyllarg and anything it swaps forms wth maintains its color. However, a sample of vyllarg can be carefully dropped into a mold with molten ganryllac to make an alloy called vyllargan (v-ih-l-AR-g-ah-n), which acts the same as vyllarg, but with the exception that it also absorbs color the same as ganryllac.


Neryll (n-EH-r-ih-l) absorbs wakefulness. It is often used as both a sedative and a stimulant. For the first person it touches, they stay asleep as long as they are in contact with it, along with however long a typical sleep cycle would take them. However, the next person who touches the pale yellow metal recieves all of the energy that was absorbed. this can help people who struggle with both insomnia and hypersomnia. It is also used as a method of controling Nellaryc's human slaves, as any unruly behavior can be immediately stopped with sleep, and lazy workers can get an adrenaline spike with stored energy.


Llevyrgall (l-eh-v-ur-g-AA-l) absorbs kinetic energy. Any object which is in motion that comes in contact with it immediately stops, and any still object it comes in contact with launches in the opposite direction with all the energy which was stored up. If there is no stored energy, llevyrgall does nothing to a motionless object. This makes mining it very difficult, as any pick in motion is immediately stopped. Miners instead mine out the area around the green metal. If a living being is hit with llevyrgall, they instantly fall asleep. They can also be woken instantly by being hit again with the metal.


Gryver (g-r-IH-v-ur) absorbs density. Its inital density is the same as the rock which surrounds the magenta metal, making it relatively easy to mine, but swaps density with whatever it comes in contact with. This can make objects harder, change between floating or sinking, or sometimes propel into the air. This density change also is absorbed in the form taken by vyllarg. Gryver is popular on the black market for its ability to make things malleable, including faces, making them changable to hide one's identity. Its floating and softening effects have also been favored at times by Nellarycag nobility.


Wygryll (w-IH-g-r-ih-l) absorbs soul. The first living creature it comes in contact with falls dead, but the next creature, gets its soul, and they are exchanged thus afterwards. This makes the indigo metal very good for spying or framing others, and because of this, wygryll is part of a collection kept locked in secure vaults below the Nellaryc castle to protect the people. There is one situation in which it is allowed to the people. When someone is about to die, some have the practice to absorb their soul in an empty wygryll. It is then secured in glass and placed in the burial memorial for the person. It is seen as a serious grievance to bring the soul out of these memorials.


Grywaw (g-r-IH-w-aw) absorbs taste. This makes it the only variety of ballyrc that is safely edible. The metal can even be treated with gryver to make it chewable. Over time, the orange metal has become seen as a delicacy by much of Nellaryc's population, introducing them to tastes which would have been elsewise unknown to them. Although it can absorb any flavor, grywaw has no nutritional value, and is thus eaten purely for enjoyment.


Ryllgall (r-IH-l-g-aa-l) absorbs adhesion. This includes stickiness, magnetism, and gravitational pull. When touching an object, the dark green metal takes in its adhesion, and gives it that of what it last touched. It can make honey solid, cause walls to trap people, and when used right, can cause people to launch away from the earth. The metal doesn't exhibit the adhesion itself, elsewise it wouldn't be able to move between objects.


Nagryllynv (n-AH-g-r-ih-l-ih-n-v) absorbs heat. If the violet metal touches an object, it continuosly radiates whatever heat that object had, until it meets something else. If dropped in a hot fire, it can burn objects which are close to it, making it a popular tool for punishing human slaves. Nagryllynv can also be used for cooking, and special stoves have designed with a container kept very close to the food that can be removed to insert the metal.

Use and Common Properties

Ballyrc is mined in Nellaryc's extensive cave system as a smooth ore, and then is brought to the kingdom's storehouses, where it is sold to various blacksmiths across the country. The blacksmiths shape it as cast metal, and it is typically made into jewlery or specialized tools. As the Faire Folk fasion changes, at least one variant of ballyrc is usually seen as fasionable at any given time. As it is typically desired that ballyrc holds its current attribute, the typical method of mounting it is to put it into a small metal half-shell that has a shallow lip to stop it from immediately absorbing attributes, but makes it easy to have it absorb when one wants. This shell is then placed in whatever object is desired, such as a stove cup or a bracelet. Assassins and spies also use certain variants, such as wygryll and vyllarg, in their practices, these are usually formed into darts, making them easier to hide and use without others noticing.

If this is your first time visiting Llagnyn, some important information to know:
  • This is a world where humans are enslaved to the Faire Folk
  • This material is only found in Nellaryc, one of 14 factions that make up Llagnyn, and as the cultures do not often mingle, the metal is mostly contained to this country
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
Naturally found as ore

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