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Libos is a vast world, rent asunder by an recent barrage of disasters - the most recent known as the Cataclysm. Prayers fell on deaf ears, and at it's worst seemed as though even the gods were powerless. But in recent decades, the people of Libos have enjoyed a period of calm under a silent sky. The world is now open to a new age of discovery and exploration.   While nations muster their strength, they also make impressive scientific, magical, social, and cultural advances. The scales are tipping towards promise - and away from ruin. Perhaps the people of Libos can finally arise from their bleak history, and enter an age of prosperity.   Expanding trade networks introduce levels of commerce the world has never seen before - a great boon to merchants and explorers. No matter how far they travel, there is always another horizon! Will they help build the new world, or will they plunder the old one? Maybe some things... are best left undiscovered.   Cities and towns are remade, and beyond these bastions of safety, adventurers risk unknown perils and prowling monsters in search of the unknown. Few of them realize that some things were never meant to be known.   Libos is being designed around the themes of economic conflict and social consequence. If successful, it will be a breeding ground for morally ambiguous campaigns and political campaigns. Rather than good versus evil, conflict could arise between the haves and the have-nots, or between rivals. The idiom "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" comes to mind.   Libos is also being designed around a theme of excitement and optimism. In contrast to most settings that exist in old worlds with histories that reference more prosperous times and more powerful civilizations, Libos has never seen great civilizations. But conflicts will arise as the people of Libos respond to this new global prosperity.   Libos is being made using a top-down holistic approach, where each part of the world is weighed against the whole. The world must be sufficiently balanced, connected, and complex to demonstrate the consequences of PC actions.