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The Trials of the Raven Queen

Purpose / Function

There are three trials someone must face in order to enter the inner sanctum and have the chance to speak with the Raven Queen:
    1. The Trial of Language:
Description: The party walks in a small stone room lit by dim torchlite. At the opposite end of the room is a large metallic door. The door has a few archaic symbols at the top (This is a red herring. It's Thieves Cant describing whatever's inside the room, you can be as subtle or as blatant as you like if you have a rogue) and what looks like seven locks with various writings on it. The locks all have keys placed into them already. There is a thick iron turning handle in the center of the door.
  • The first lock says "Open" in Common.
  • The second lock says "Close" in Elvish.
  • The third lock says "Open" in Dwarvish.
  • The fourth lock says "Close" in Infernal.
  • The fifth lock says "Open" in Giant.
  • The sixth lock says "Close" in Halfling.
  • The seventh lock says "Close" in Undercommon.
Solution: The objective of the puzzle is to unlock the locks which say "Open" (DC 10, or the trap goes off) and to leave the locks which say "Close" closed, and then turn the door handle, otherwise the Lightning Rune in the center of the hallway activates.
    2. The Trial of Blood
Description: The party enters the next room this time lit by small red crystals with a stone wall and another red metal door (locked). The wall has a riddle engraved in it; “Use your head to paint me red, inside of thee resides your key."   Solution: The party must use blood and smear it on the wall (where they get it from is up to them), and a duplicate of what the blood came from emerges out of the wall.
    3. The Trial of Faith
Description: After opening the door there is a small hallway with an archway at the end of it. Beyond the archway is a staircase with an inscription above the archway leading to it. It leads down to pitch-blackness. The inscription reads ""The road may be dark, yet oft-times light does naught but blind." The endless monotony of descending stairs takes its toll after a while, and eventually the PCs will have to start making concentration checks to avoid tumbling down the steps and taking superficial bludgeoning damage. Past a few hours, they might start suffering from temporary levels of exhaustion. If they turn around, the staircase is endless that way, too.   Solution: The players must put out all sources of light and Players with Darkvision must close their eyes to continue.   After completing all three trials there will be a door with the inscription of a the back of a hooded figure with a raven on their shoulder. Beyond the door is the Sanctum of the Raven Queen. It is a large circular stone room with a mural with various depictions of the Raven Queen. In the center of the room on a pedestal sits an obsidian raven. Touching the raven will transport the people in the room to a inky black demiplane, where the darkness swirls around like watercolor paint. This is the demiplane residence of the Raven Queen.   They will quickly hear the words of the Raven Queen spoken to them. She will tell them: "There is power in a name... there is power in a face... there is power in Mistletoe..."   After that they will have time for one more question before the power of the Raven Queen fades and the black inky realm recedes.

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