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Treaty of Toffin


The purpouse of the Treaty of Toffin was to make sure that no one crossed into the Eastern Lethea without a signed letter from either the Alstirsus of the Theocracy of Athe or the Grand Elder of the Federal Geniocracy of Ithelmark.

After the colossal tragedy that was the Second Divine March, the rulers of Southern Lethea feared that by sending more people there, they would either die or run into whatever remained of the Invader's homeland.

Document Structure


If anyone on Southern Lethea violates the Treaty of Toffin, then they will be deemed a criminal worthy of execution. Southern Lethean countries will also gain a valid casus belli on the country where the criminals came from.


The document mentions the Pact of Brotherhood, a treaty that was signed in 1991 BA by the Saralians and Nehenians.

The Treaty of Toffin states that it takes priority over the Pact of Brotherhood, esentially making the agreement between the Saralians and Nehenians pointless, since neither could cross the Great Saralian Lakes to help eachother.

Publication Status

The original document is preserved in the city of Toffin, in the Grand Duchy of Jegrim, but every country has made their own copy of it and the copies are usually displayed wherever their government operates from.

Legal status

The Treaty of Toffin was signed by all Southern Lethean countries. After its ratification new countries have formed and many of the old ones are gone, absorbed by other nations, but all who wish to be recognized by the international community have to agree with the treaty and recognize it as international law.

Historical Details


The treaty was created after the Second Divine March had been deemed a failure. Worried that the marchers might have died at the hands of some deadly and powerful force beyond the Lowfall Marsh, the Alstirsus of Athe and the Grand Elder of Ithelmark began coming up with plans on how to avoid a confrontation with what or whoever lived in the Eastern Lethea region.
Decree, Governmental
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
11th of Vernavar, 14 AA
Ratification Date
33rd of Vernavar, 14 AA
Expiration Date
1st of Tiylavar, 2014 AA


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