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Rulers of the Great Plains

You're but a weak whelp, my boy. Who would dare follow a sheep in a field teeming with hungry wolves?
— Milawsa Ba Uari, Razirit of the Uari
  A razirit is a title claimed by many of the nomadic rulers that dwell in the Central Plain and the Mettelagen. Only those with the respect and power required to have full authority over a large amount of people can claim to be a razirit. While a normal monarch could pass their title on to an heir, razirites tend to collapse upon their leader's death. The old leader's children could attempt to recover what they could, but they'd need to build up their own strength and the respect of their people to claim the title.  


Due to the nature of the title and the chaos that comes with succession, realms ruled by a razirit, commonly known as razirites, are very volatile in nature. The political landscape of the Central Plain always changes, and ambitious and influential men and women bring about the rise of new political entities. Some of these razirites go on to dominate the region, only to shatter into hundreds of warring groups upon their leader's death.  

Razirits as Subjects

While most razirits would prefer to rule over a sovereign realm, free to do whatever they'd see fit, there are some who have had to exchange that freedom for survival. At times, several weaker leaders have had to come together to form a confederation where no one razirit would have full control over the rest, but their mutual cooperation was required to ward off attacks from their neighbours.   A razirit could even be subjugated by a non-nomadic realm, although such an embarrassment would cause that razirit to lose the respect of their people and bring about the dissolution of their realm.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Equates to
King / Queen
Length of Term
Current Holders

Foreign Perspectives

Outside of the Mettelagen and the Central Plain, knowledge of what a razirit is and what they've gone through to claim such a title is limited at best. Most people who've heard of the various nomadic realms believe that a razirit is just a normal hereditary title, similar to a king or queen.   What they don't realise is the degree of respect and renown that comes with the title and what it says about the person itself. It takes a great degree of ambition, drive, and a healthy amount of bloodshed to claim the right to call one's self a razirit.


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