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Inquisition of Athe

The Inquisition of Athe is a Hillenist military holy order that answers directly to the Alstiseria of Athe. Inquisitors are highly respected among hillenist. They guard the eastern border of the Alstiseriaic of Athe and their headquarters, Tvahēqpeih, is considered the second line of defence in case of a new invasion from the east.



The Inquisition of Athe is led by a Lord-Inquisitor who hands orders for his Knight-Inquisitors.

The Lord-Inquisitor in 1567 AA is Gal Johann the Idle


A Knight-Inquisitor leads Inquisition squads in missions around the continent.


Inquisition foot soldier.


The Inquisition's scribes deal with the paperwork and less combat focused activities.


New recruit in the organization.

Public Agenda

The Inquisition's goal is to keep hillenists safe from unnatural threats, infidels, and heretics. They consider the aberati and magic to be unnatural and therefore hunt aberati cultists, mages, and the aberati themselves.


The Inquisition is in control of Ironwall, the county where their impregnable Fort Inquisition lies. Since the county is on the Atheish plateau, most of the land is flat and empty. The Inquisition receives donations from all around the continent, but the majority of their income comes from the Empire of Pallernia and the Theocracy of Athe. Their governments value the organization and do their best to keep the Inquisitions defenses, arms, armor, and other equipment up to standard.


The Inquisition of Athe was founded on the orders of Alstirsus Ebba ven Nauholz on the 21st of Tolnor, 489 AA. The first Lord-Inquisitor was Gitta Maichenik and she was responsible for establishing the chain of command that the organization still uses to this day. The construction of Fort Inquisition began on the 15th of Fennor, 494 AA.
Founding Date
489 AA
Religious, Holy Order
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