Diederich Vikehol

Knight-Inquisitor Diederich Vikehol

Diederich Vikehol was a Knight-Inquisitor in charge of the Inquisition of Athe's operations in Ebersted, the Lestver forest, and the Lakelands. His last mission was to arrest or kill all aberati, their cultists, and vitality mages in the Empire of Pallernia.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

There was a deep scar on Diederich's cheek and the skin around it was dark brown and oozed pus.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Diederich Vikehol was born on the 19th of Hillberis, 1535 AA. His father was Gal Brent Vikehol and his mother was Tiyla Ochenhard.   Diederich's family house was in the town of Vike, a sleepy settlement near the Noortratte marsh, but both of his parents worked in the city of Rittsvel to the north. His father was a knight in service to the duke, and Diederich's mother was a sister in Rittsvel's large wettkirijk. Since both his parents worked there, Diederich seldom got to relax at home, but over the years he grew accustomed with the city and the local residents.

In 1540 AA, Diederich fell in love with Amelie Feirtzhol, a Rittsvelian noble with chestnut hair and hazel eyes. Both their parents didn't mind that the two were seeing each other and Diederich had felt happy and fulfilled, but those merry days only lasted for a year. In the middle of the night on the 35th of Tvenor, 1541 AA, Amelie was found dead in her room. Her troat had been sliced open and a note had been stuffed in the wound. Diederich was never allowed to know what the note said and that only angered him more, but soon, the anger went away as he realized that he didn't have any clues. Without knowing what was in the note, he couldn't track down the murderer and get revenge, and so his anger turned into sadness. The memories of all the good times they had together only made things worst and he had become depressed.

Lost and unsure on how to live on, he wondered the streets at night, revisiting places they have gone to together. A few preachers, brothers, and sisters had noticed his peculiar behavior and they stopped and asked what ailed him. He reluctantly told them his story and the clerics took him inside the wettkirjk. As a young child, he had often visited the wettkirijk with his mother and looked at the large bronze statue of Saint Hillen. His mother's tales about the saint's heroism had comforted him as a child, and the clerics were aware of that. They appealed to his sense of justice and good-heartedness and recommended the Inquisition of Athe to the young man. He took a week to come up with an answer, but in the end, he agreed and the sisters in the kirijk helped him get to Fort Inquisition.


Diederich Vikehol began his service in the Inquisition of Athe on the 1st of Sesnor, 1542 AA. As an initiate, he served in Fort Inquisition. Diederich was trained to use the longsword and he had to patrol the walls and do menial labor.

He was promoted to Inquisitor on the 1st of Tvenor 1544 AA, after taking part in a successful mission to root out heresy from a town in the Federal Geniocracy of Ithelmark. As an Inquisitor his duty was to travel around the world and do whatever his commanding officer told him. Knight-Inquisitor Enghard had been his officer for most of the missions he had gone on.

Diederich was promoted to Knight-Inquisitor after the death of Enghard and the slaying of the aberati responsible for the murder. As a Knight-Inquisitor his aspirations for the destruction of the aberati grew only stronger. With the freedoms afforded to him as a Knight-Inquisitor, he took his Inquisitors to the Empire of Pallernia and continued their endless quest to free mankind from their greatest foe.

Personality Characteristics


Knight-Inquisitor Diederich Vikehol's only aspiration in life is to rid the continent of all who might be a threat to the natural order of life and civilization. He understands that murder and war happen occasionally, and though he is against needless death, in his opinion those are inevitable, but aberrations of nature such as the Aberati and even mages, should be eradicated in order to keep the regular person's life free from such threats.
We, Inquisitors, have that right. What if the aberati were in control of the juries? We can’t afford to take chances. Remember young protector of the faithful, for man is ready to wage war.
— Knight-Inquisitor Diederich Vikehol
1535 AA 1566 AA 31 years old
Dark brown
Salt and pepper, balding
1.81 m
79 kg
Aligned Organization
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