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The Protectors of the Faithful

An Inquisitor is a professional soldier who serves the Inquisition of Athe and all of their core principles.


  • Has to have a certificate that says what weapon they are proficient in.
  • Has to have a document that says that they've passed the Initiate's Rite, a challenge given to them by a Knight-Inquisitor.
  • Has to pass the Inquisiton's literacy test.



On the fourth day of each month, a ceremony is held in the great hall of Fort Inquisition, where Initiates who have successfully finished their Initiate's Rites are given their new gear and the rank Inquisitor. The ceremony occurs in the evening and it involves a Kirijksus pouring a small amount of water on their heads from a small silver bowl.
Civic, Military, Not Commissioned
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