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Golden Amber

History & Usage

Everyday use

Golden amber is most commonly used by the Abreanist churches for creating religious jewelry. People who don't wear any jewelry made out of golden amber are often suspected of being an infidel or an atheist.

Cultural Significance and Usage


Golden amber is significant to the people of Southern Lethea because it represents health, beauty, and happiness, all three of which are also emphasised in the teachings of Abrea of Sentijk, the Ambrelian woman who ascended to divinity after drowning in Lake Amber.
Because of Abrea's teachings and her connection to amber, the Abreanist began associating the golden crystal to their Goddess.

Divine Right

Since lighter hair and eye colours are rare in the Empire of Pallernia, individuals who are born with amber coloured hair and eyes are believed to have the spirit of the Goddess inside them.
Members of House Pentiwichen, the dynasty that rules both the Empire of Pallernia and the Grand Duchy of Jegrim, have amber colored eyes and hair and they consider their unique traits as their divine right to rule over their people.
Abrea's amber must be protected and carefully crafted into art by those most faithful to her teachings.
— Alstirsus Ledea of Visenn


Trade & Market

Amber jewelry
Golden amber is polished and turned into jewelry or other handcrafted goods by the clergy of the Abreanist churches. Occasionally they sell unpolished amber to other craftsmen, but even then they still keep a close eye on them, just to make sure they don't give or sell it to anyone. Once the craftsmen have finished their project, they can sell it to the clergy.

Golden amber jewelry is sold in Abreanist kirijks, usually during weekends. The most popular products that people buy are amber bracelets since they are a clear way of displaying a person's religious beliefs to others. Hillenists use bracelets with rectangular amber, Baglamists use amber with rounded edges, and Orthodox Abreanists don't care what the shape of their bracelet amber is.

Law & Regulation

Raw Amber
Since golden amber both religious and cultural significance to Abreanists, countries like the Empire of Pallernia, the Magocracy of Alminthas, and a few others where either the Hillenistic or the Baglamist churches hold a lot of power, have imposed heavy restrictions on the amber trade. Only golden amber is restricted because other types of amber don't have the same meaning to the people of Southern Lethea and the other types are more common and therefore much harder to control.

The churches hire people to collect amber from the shores of their countries and if a regular person finds some, they have to bring the amber to a member of their local clergy. For their deed, they will be awarded a small amount of money or other useful supplies. Keeping amber without taking it to the clergy is illegal and if either the state or church discovered someone in possession of illegal amber, they could be heavily fined.

Polished amber, amber jewelry, and other amber related handcrafted goods can only be purchased from the clergy.
Yellow, Orange
Golden amber distribution
Orthodox Aprēanism
Organization | Jul 7, 2023

Orthodox Abreanism is the oldest and smallest branch of the Abreanist religion. Followers of the faith worship the goddess Abrea and follow her teachings.

Baglāmēq Hūril
Organization | Aug 1, 2023

Baglamism is the second-largest branch of the Aprēan religion. Followers of the faith believe in the teachings of Tīr Bāglam, a mysterious man who sought to reform Hillenism.

Hillenēq Hūril
Organization | Jul 8, 2023

Hillenism is the largest branch of the Aprēan religion. Followers of the faith believe in the teachings of Hillen, the hero whose sacrifice saved the world from the Invasion.


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