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Eyes of the Seer

Overview   The eyes of an ancient prophet that have been removed with the utmost care and preserved. They look nearly as perfect today thousands of years later as they did when they were removed from the oracles corpse. They are kept in a sealed wooden box for fear of being misused or of the power of foresight being passed on to an unknowing victim.   Description   Slighty dried out, and somewhat milky looking. These eyes are obviously old but very well preserved. There is a thin red band running around the outside of both of the irises. Over time they seep a red liquid that hardens   History   Originally the eyes of a woman known as the Augur of Castaine who fortold the rise of the White Serpent and the destruction it would cause. No one knows where the power she gained came from but it allowed people to fight back against the Serptines before they got a real foothold. Only a few managed to survive the cull that followed.   For her services to humankind she was interred with full honours. Her eyes were removed at her request and preserved incase future generations required them.   Powers   If one were to transplant the eyes into a living host they would gain all the powers of foresight the Augur had in life. However the strange red liquid that seeps from them can affect people if it gets into their own eyes. It infects them with an unpredictable extrasensory ability to their sight. Sometimes allows sight of the future, other times allows sight across the borders of dimensions. This condition is called Beyond Sight.

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