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Laum sits upon a knife's edge. There is no corner of the map that is safe from the coming storm,no nation is too powerful to withstand it, no island too small and isolated to be overlooked. War is brewing in South Tethis while civil unrest threatens to boil over once again in North Tethis. Between them lies the corpse of a god, his blood and madness corrupting the plains that separate them. Meanwhile, the Paragons, a council of the greatest dragons to ever live, rule from their island continent of Shadra and many fear that they will abandon their isolationist ways and retake their former glory and supremacy. Finally, in Renlaine, home of the fae, the Summer and Winter Courts vie for control as always but as chaos embroils the rest of Laum, it is only a matter of time before it creates an opportunity for either court to take control and break the Cycle, a terrifying prospect for mortals regardless of which court prevails.   If civilization can withstand all of these threats, there are dark forces at work that threaten Laum and perhaps even the entirety of the Great Wheel. A shadow whose name is known to few and spoken of by fewer still, waiting to awaken it's kin and reap what they have sown. Yet there is hope. There are those who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of their way of life. Whether they prevail will depend on the actions of figures whose place on the board is not yet determined, their allegiances not yet declared, for Laum is a world where even one mortal with the strength and conviction to take a stand can make all the difference.   One thing is for certain however. Victory will require sacrifice.