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The Sadarga Truce

By far the largest building in the peaceful town of Sadarga is the great tavern/inn known as "The Sadarga Truce". Initially designed as a peacekeeping hall for the leaders of the many species on Latani to make trade deals and peace agreements. The notion later fell apart due to lack of interest and funding from the very leaders the building was being made for, and so it was left half-finished in the center of the city for almost a year. In the meantime, a member of the isolated and arrogant Mountain Raptors named Brekka was outcasted for his views on cross-race connections and communication, and while wandering the lands in search of purpose, he soon stumbling upon the city of Sadarga and the large skeleton of a building within. Brekka has a previous talent for building and bartending and decided to take over construction with a few other volunteers who heard about his vision to make the massive building into a place of relaxation, fun and luxury open for all races across Latani. Brekka has the argument that drinking, fun, music and pleasure was more important for togetherness and diversity than paper exchanges between higher up officials could ever be.   The 2-story tall building has a rustic wooden interior and furnishings decorated with golden lights. Its large size holds a tavern on the first floor with different sized of tables and chairs to accommodate the varied sizes of Latani's species. The second floor holds various games and recreational areas, and is by far the most loud and rowdy section in The Truce. Attached to the sides of the building are two secondary structures, one is a relaxing and steamy bathhouse for those who want to relax outside the bar. The second structure is a brothel of sorts, one of the only ones in Latani that accepts cross-species relationships, this of course is extremely controversial and taboo in Latani, and has only served to increase The Truce's reputation, for better or worse.   Despite tensions between species being as low as they have ever been in years, The Sadarga Truce is still a heated topic of discussion within communities. With opinions on the tavern being all over the place both for and against it and its values. Brekka now runs the tavern as its head bartender, making sure peace is kept and drinks are full. People from all walks of life come to the tavern for relaxation and to experience connections with new people. Food, drink, games and music is also shared between the unique cultures and groups, assuring that every visit is different from the last. The mood in the bar is jovial to say the least, and newcomers are welcomed with passionate faces. The Sadarga Truce is praised by most to be the greatest beacon of hope for long-lasting peace on the continent, in its own odd way.


An unspoken rule of The Truce is that whoever has skills in cooking must help in the large kitchen to fill the menus with new options from their culture to share with everyone. The same goes for music, anyone who comes with even a little bit of talent is welcome to go onto the main stage in the center of the building and play for the whole bar.


The 2-story tall building has a rustic wooden interior that has been modified from its more formal origins. Furniture and warm lights have been retrofitted throughout, along with more artistic carvings on a lot of the interior woodwork. Tapestries and large paintings have been set where more open sections of wall would be, as well. In the middle of the first floor, the roof has been opened up to lead to the second floor, with two spiral staircases on each side. The roof itself has been built higher up to accommodate some of the taller species, like the Yabbu and Jintali.


Sadarga has become the most diverse and varied cities in Latani thanks to the success of The Truce. People from across the continent come to Sadarga not only for its beautiful location, but mostly for the drinks, games, fun and experiences of the massive and growing tavern hall.
"All species welcome. No weapons are to be drawn in violence lest you face the wrath of all attendants within. Treat your servers fair and your company more so, otherwise enjoy this collective truce between our otherwise strained people."   (Written on the large sign outside the main entrance. It is repeated multiple times in multiple languages)
Founding Date
10 years after the War of Flesh and Scales.
Alternative Names
The Truce
The content on the large interior notice board may look something like this:   Music Today: - (3:00) A special traveling guest "Pergenni the Stringer"! The one and only many-armed Europhian from all the way in Krada!   - (5:00) A new and nervous human face from right here in Sadarga. She wishes to remain anonymous but show her some love people!   Today's Unique Menu: - Loko Ale and cuisine, thank Gritta when you see him.   - Plains Raptor boar, seasoned with wild spices from guest-cook Ridgeback's village.   Other Announcements:   - Dart tournament upstairs, sign up and do not miss it, prize is a week of free drinks.   - Reminder to not let in Fredrick the human or Jun-li the Ash Demi for disrupting the peace.

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Mar 28, 2022 22:23

Good article, i like taverns that started life as a government building only to be repurposed later.

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