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Ansivas Rebirth

One winters night a beautiful young maiden named Ansiva shivered in her house. Her father hadn't taught her to light a fire so she had no choice but to freeze. She sat for at least an hour until she couldn't take the cold anymore, she knew she would need help and so she ran outside into the snow covered village and flagged down the first person she saw. He was a young man born of Icethorn which meant he could just wear casual clothes. She asked him for assistance to which he obliged, He entered her house helped her start a fire and he introduced himself as Svend Gaument and they had a short conversation about the upcoming winter festival. Soon he had to leave but when he was about to close the door he gave her a look directly in the eyes, that look she had recognised from the way her father looked at her mother. Two days later at the festival she met up with Svend and once again spoke with him, But she then noticed him flirting with her but she felt nothing toward him but she loved the attention and even saw a better opportunity within this young fool. She asked him to buy her some food with his own money and then she kept asking him to buy her useless things like dresses not appropriate for winter and a sword she had no idea how to use. She quickly realised she could make him do anything. So she thought why not take advantage of more peoples love for her. She took a short trip to Menuliaris to sell her recently acquired goods and to acquire more to sell from another unsuspecting fool. And she did. She met a young westerner called Leraunt who was reluctant at first but she quickly persuaded him to give her new goods to sell. But unfortunately Valentias day was almost upon her, although she didn't realise this was a bad thing yet. During her visit to the temple of love she was shocked to see the statue of the god of loves eye glowing, However she didn't realise how dire her situation was. After a minute of looking at the statue the eye stopped glowing and voice could be heard from behind her. As she turned around she saw what should have been a wondrous sight to her but instead it felt off. Arena One-Eye loomed over her with an angry expression. Arena spoke to the room filled with Ansivas friends and family including Svend. She told them about Ansivas crimes against love and exposed her in front of everyone. Svend looked shocked her family looked despaired and Arena looked ready to unleash vengeance. Arena summoned her twin spectral blades and jumped at Ansiva but she dodged and ran out of the building but arena could teleport and manifested right in front of her. Arena told her that "she had fallen into her trap" and she'd rather not damage her temple. And she telekinetically picked up Ansiva and used her great power to transform the lowly mortal into a monster which retains its upper body with long necked hound heads replacing her legs and coming from her hips and replacing her legs. It is said Ansiva still roams the forests and beach

Historical Basis

The events did occur but there isn't much evidence surrounding when it happened or if Arena One-Eye manifested at all.


It is quite well known since it tells the story of an Immortal.

Cultural Reception

It is seen as a cautionary tale. Specifically not to seduce and not to fall for seduction.
Date of First Recording
2167 YAC
Date of Setting
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