Lyet left home at age fourteen, when she could no longer handle her step father's abuses. She had heard about the reading circle Lady Lanth created for the street rats long before she landed in the Grey Streets, and sought her out. Lanth did not ask how or why, just accepted her, and has done what she can to smooth the mental healing.  

Lyet normally begs for a living, but recently she has aided Phialla in selling some of her pottery in the Low Market. When she helps with the reading circle, Lanth passes a few bits her way.  

Lyet has mental scars, but the acceptance by the street rats, without an explanation about why a merchant's daughter fled her home, has gone a long way to helping her mend. She has a new, more hopeful outlook and a less nihilistic view of people.   She and Rin, being the eldest rats in the reading circle, tend to help the younger ones with their reading skills. It keeps her mind off her deep fear that her step-father will find her and cart her back to his house. When she cannot stop obsessing on it, she seeks out Rin or Lanth, because she has absolute faith both will protect her if she needs it. She has spent many a night on a padded mat in the Lady's room, lights on if dim, dreading each footstep she hears.   She and Jandra are good friends, and no other rat--or Lady Lanth--realize the adventures they have.

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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