Phialla was kicked out of her home at age seven, when her parents realized she was going blind. They did not want to care for an invalid. A kindly old street woman pointed her to Lady Lanth, and she joined the reading circle, suspicious but out of options.   When the Lady found out she could use a pottery wheel, she purchased a cheap one and some clay. Phialla easily created a place setting, and it fired to perfection. When Lanth realized she could not see well enough to stain the ware, she bought her glassess-not cheap, and far too large and thick, but she could once again see.  

Phialla was born into a potter's family, and she knows how to create plates, glasses, bowls, vases and the like. She experiments with sculpture, and some of the ware looks odd but endearing. She stains her own items, and Ness paints some of it. Lyet sits with her at the Low Markets, and they sell a few items each day.  

Phialla is more 'no nonsense' than most of the other rats, which grates on Scand and Rin. She takes pride in her pottery, which is better than much of the Low Market items professional potters create.   She does not see her fading eyesight as a detriment; she can use the pottery wheel without it. She is motivated beyond most rats, and plans for a future where she owns a small shop and sells common as well as sculpture pieces. She is thankful for Lyet and Ness's help in her endeavor, and doubly so for the help the Lady has given.

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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