Jandra is a street rat who sells beaded jewelry at the Lells. She was once part of the reading circle, but now concentrates on her business.   She is support for the younger lot, and she and Lyet do what they can to make the streets a little easier. The younger rats trust her with all manner of problems, some of which she asks Lapis for help dealing with.  

Jandra sells jewelry at the Lells. She walks about with a small board containing samples and a bag with the product. She has a charming personality and a wide smile, and puts tourists at ease while they look through the necklaces.  

Jandra ended up in the streets at age 9 because her father murdered her mother out of jealous spite, and then found himself on the wrong side of a stake. She doesn't tolerate the abuses all too common among the hopeless, and her rage at betrayal runs thick. Chinder helped calm that side of her, and getting to know the other rats under his wing made her realize impotent anger would never help her accomplish a better life.   She, even more than Lanth, hounds the Lells urchins to take advantage of the baths provided by the Old Gods' Temple. She feels that tourists and residents alike do not pay as much attention to clean rat doing sneaky things as dirty rat doing sneaky things. Some of the younger lot dislike her insistence, but disease is far less among the rats who bathe than those who do not.   She appreciates Lady Lanth's reading circle, though she feels others can use it more than she, now that she knows how to read. She is an obvious example of circle success. She might not have taken making beaded jewelry seriously, but since both Chinder, then Lanth, supported her endeavor, she has done her best to live up to their belief in her and be a beacon of hope to others.   She decided, when she first met Lykas, he would be her lifelong love. And that is that.   She cherishes her friendship with Lyet, and the two have far more adventures than their boyfriends, the other rats, or Lanth, realize.
Golden brown


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