Rinan is a street rat from Jiy. A kindly old thief took him in when he was four, after finding him wandering the streets, alone and confused. After the man died, he met Lady Lanth, and became the inspiration for her reading circle.  
  Rin earns a day's wage through pickpocketing. He has attempted to find a job, but a homeless, seventeen-year-old lad known for theft makes it a hard sell. The stereotypes of shifty street rats plays an outsized role in the rejections, though the potential employers know very well that the urchins have little choice but to steal and beg--temples and social services refuse to deal with them.  
  Rin is mostly a happier rat with a dark, depressed side. He sinks into moods only Lanth can navigate and destroy.   He takes care of the younger street rats drawn to Lanth's offer of an education, helping them find a sheltering niche and teaching them to pickpocket and beg. Nearly all look to him as an authority, though he butts heads with Scand and Brone often enough one might think them brothers.   He calls himself "the Lady's man". He would do anything for Lanth, and no one doubts his sincerity. When she is absent, he sits with the kids when they read through the books, cares for her room at the Eaves, and solves unexpected problems that crop up concerning the urchins.   Some think to take advantage of his kindess; that's when they find out he is neither all that kind nor sympathetic towards those he considers threats.
by Shanda Nelson

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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