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Jardo's memoires

Jardo might seem like your average old man, owner of an inn in a small village in the middle of the mountain. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. But he was born near the coast and lived in many places, visited some more. These are the memories of an old well traveled man.


Before the cataract blinded his sight completely, Jardo decided to write the adventures of his yought. The reason being both remembering time past, as well as giving Jano the chance to know about his father's adventures.   ver. Español
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Antes de que las cataratas le nublasen por completo la vista, Jardo decidió escribir las aventuras de su juventud. La razón es tanto el rememorar los tiempos pasados, como darle a Jano la oportunidad de saber sobre las aventuras de su padre.
Journal, Personal
Fecha de creación
Started on 3423dNE

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