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The Lamp Wagon

There's good money in trade - if you've the talent - but the greatest riches go to those brave enough to venture beyond the Spirelight. Trading in the deep Penumbra or along the lamp-lines will always bring the most coin, as demand for goods is always highest where the light is dim. Of course, if a person is brave - or foolhardy enough - to leave the Penumbra behind to step fully into the Dark, vast riches await. Troves of ancient relics, dawnglass, and other rarities are there for the taking, but dangers abound as well!   If you want to leave the light behind, but ensure your own safety, you ought to consider investing in a lamp wagon. Big enough to sleep three with room to spare, sturdy enough to weather a Thramorri raiding party, and with sunstones large enough to illuminate the land for three hundred paces in any direction, you could not ask for a better, safer transport.   If you want to be a trader, you need to invest in your safety. Spend money to make money, I always say. Now, what say you and I sit for a spell and find out what it will take for you to leave here with a wagon of your own?  
"Honest" Jona Salkh, Jona's Quality Emporium, Palinost, Flame of the Palinspire


Requires a team of two oxen or draft horses; can be fitted with harnesses for up to four animals.

Weapons & Armament

Light steel plates protect the sides and undercarriage; the roof is steel-reinforced wood.

Armor and defense

Principle defenses are the two large sunstones mounted on heavy steel brackets at the front and rear of the wagon. They are capable of illuminating the land up to three hundred paces with light bright enough to kill most Thramorri.
Flash Wagon
200-400 gold marks
Uncommon; lamp wagons are expensive, but increasingly common among Penumbral traders
Empty: ~1000lbs
Over roads, 10-15 leagues/day
Complement / Crew
Requires at least one driver
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Can accommodate up to five passengers comfortably, or one or two passengers with cargo

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