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On the nature of the great Spires and Lamps

Our legends tell of a time when the Spires lay dormant, when a single great orb of light burned in the heavens above to banish the dark and when the Thramorri were little more than myth. Perhaps there is truth to the legends, who is to say?   Whatever the case, our world is one of perpetual darkness, and without the life-sustaining Spires and their smaller counterparts the Lamps, we would surely be little more than slaves and food to the Thramorri. For this, we must all be forever grateful to those ancient builders and their foresight.   The Spires are strange constructs indeed. They rise like metal spears to tower above the earth, and at their very apex burn the Spirelights themselves. Each Spire varies slightly in size and luminosity, but otherwise are identical. Their lines are clean and unbroken; from far away they look almost completely smooth and grey-white. Closer inspection reveals the presence of intricate bands of some unknown substance that twist and climb from the base of each Spire to their peaks - we presume, as no one has ever ascended to such dizzying heights.   At the base of each Spire there is a room. Some are larger, others smaller, all are capable of holding more than a hundred people with ease. For centuries we knew nothing of their purpose, until the Magi of the Ardenspire discovered that each of the rooms is connected to several of the others in an invisible web of power. With the correct application of arcane energies, a person or group of people might travel along those unseen lines, moving from Spire to Spire in an instant! It is a wondrous thing, though limited in use; each room can only be used once every ten cycles of its Spire, as the arcane energies expended must be replenished during that time.   The Spires are joined by their smaller cousins, the Lamps. Not as tall or as bright as the Spires, the Lamps protect much smaller regions than do the Spires, but their presence has allowed us to expand our civilizations. Whenever a new Lamp is discovered, we attempt to connect it to the rest by erecting smaller Lamp-lights in series from the nearest Lamp or Spire. It is difficult, dangerous work, but necessary. In the light of the Spires we thrive.

Purpose / Function

The Spires and Lamps were built to offer humanity refuge during the Long Night. In the history of humanity, there had been at least three such periods, and in each, the Thramorri or beings like them had risen to enslave or exterminate humankind. During one of the previous Dawn Ages, magi and engineers constructed the towering Spires and imbued them with a singular purpose: to cast brilliant light throughout the the uncounted centuries of the Long Night.
Alternative Names
Great Lamps; Sanctuaries
Acropolis / Citadel

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