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On the expressions and idioms of the Illuminated Lands

We are a people much concerned with the Dark and the creatures that stalk it. We respect it, fear it, and hate it. Some of us become obsessed with it, driven mad by the power it has over us and the knowledge that we can do nothing to change it. It is no wonder that so many of our expressions and maxims are concerned with the Dark and the Light. In our world, Darkness is slavery, death, oblivion; the Light is hope, safety, and life. Just as the Dark presses in all around us, so too does it press itself against our minds and our souls.  
Magi Therin Queruss, University of Kharnost, Kharnost, Flame of the Khalinspire
Common Phrases
insane or unstable
Wandering Jenner
a person whose obsessions have resulted in them abandoning friends, family, or community
Crooked Lightsman
someone in a position of authority who intentionally misleads or misdirects someone, leading them to harm
Bright Lamp
a kind or generous person whose actions make others feel good or uplifted
an accusation of treachery or betrayal, especially when such actions imperil a community
Measuring the Still
an expression of impatience or frustration implying that a chosen action or plan is not merely a bad one, but completely pointless or absurd
Dawn will come
to be hopeful in the face of adversity, or as a well-wish to someone who is feeling sad
Standing with your back to the Dark
engaging in reckless or even dangerous behaviour
Touching the Spire
to engage in appropriate or socially correct ways; doing what is culturally expected or appropriate
Common Unisex Names
Most names in the illuminated lands are unisex, though this varies from Spire to Spire.   Arla, Andros, Bael, Camrin, Dirlon, Eabonn, Faliel, Gelia, Helinn, Imbria

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