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The wonders of the Old World were many, my friends! Come! See what I have for you today! I found this dawnglass on an expedition into the Rennock Mountains many years ago. We moved with speed and stealth - we avoided the Thramorri patrols until we reached the ancient city. And look what we found! Here is dawnglass the colour of ice - I pulled it from a metal frame laying half-buried in the dirt and ash. Here, dawnglass the colour of fire! Look close! Perhaps you may yet find embers of that lost age still burning within! Who wishes to buy, yes? Who wishes to take home with them a fragment of the last Dawn Age?  
Jova Nell, Peddler and Tinker, Kaleb-Tor, Ninth Lamp North, Second Lamp West of the Seaspire.


Material Characteristics

Part of what makes Dawnglass different is how varied it is. Some of it is angular and completely transparent; other examples are worn, rounded, and tinted virtually every colour imaginable. No matter its particulars, all Dawnglass comes from the same source: Old World ruins where the strange material can be found in profusion.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The technology required to make Dawnglass was lost when the Long Night fell. However the ancients were able to produce it, it appears that it was used as building material, ornamentation, and decoration. The properties of any given piece seems to depend on the original purpose of that specific piece.

Origin & Source

Dawnglass is found all over, but it is obtained in large amounts in the ruins of Old World cities, where it can be harvested quickly and easily by anyone with a shovel and a bit of time.   It is softer than other precious stones, and often more brittle, though some examples of dawnglass are remarkably strong.

Life & Expiration

The dawnglass being harvested today is at least four thousand years old. There may be some older examples, but there is no real way to tell.

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