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Kythrogwe is set in a random isolated tribe that holds some slight genetic dysfunction that spread through the village. Said anomoly frightened expectant mother's and raised the question of what was causing the multiple sets of limbs that newborns were adorned with. They found that certain families were more preordained to getting them over others by some unforseen genetic lineage, so they believed there must be a reason for this and slowly incorporate it into their culture. The religious stature was first began by a village official who's daughter was born with 5 arms, who sought to convince to the town that despite her arms, she was the purest and most holy of the village. This prompted people to believe that those who were gifted with a lot of arms should be held in high regard. Initially, any amount of extra limbs were viewed as holy, but as the trait became more common, the number of arms became the focus of religious scrutiny, though those with more than 4 arms (the usual/upper amount) hold a sort of diety status. Kythrogwe itself is an agricultural based village that holds more than it seems at the surface. Built literally into a mountain, the plateaus of fresh farmland of budding desert flowers, plants and grains roll into desert dunes and mirages. Though small, below the surface is an extensive tunneling system that branches throughout the mountain akin to the arms of a tree. The heart of the winding paths is a bustling marketplace, full of good food and delicacies, ready to be bought and sold. Made up of arching ceilings adorned with hanging textiles, the roof of the cave system is lined with the extensive and productive irrigation system that keeps the crops alive.

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