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The Shadow of the Broken Empire   Many wonder what caused the Empire to burn. High magic, not seen since the age of the Dragon Lords the Jealousy of forgotten gods or an ancient curse. Whatever the cause the land was shattered.   Spears of dark energy lanced deep into the throat of the heavens. Tornadoes of fire, rivers of acid and clouds of white-hot death scourged the land. Cities and souls were shattered and sundered. Fallen souls rose from death, charred and twisted creatures of terror, mindless creatures craving blood and murder. Lakes of fire flowed ravenously. Tempests of bruised crimson and ancient shadows covered the land. The Skies grew dark, nightmares and daemons stalked the world once more.   The first Noetic Empire had ended violently. A beacon of peace and prosperity that unified Humans, dwarves, gnomes and Elves and stretched from the shores of Karsk to the edge of the Vadon wastes and as far as the depths of the Elven Weald. Was abruptly extinguished.   Many that survived fled through horror to the south, to Meryndath one of three towns that would later merge to become the vast megalopolis of Querencia there the remnants of the empire sought sanctuary, on the edge of the cursed Lands, in the shadow of a Broken Empire.

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