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Technology and tradition have not always gone hand in hand, but the people of Kurinko have worked through the years to strike a balance between advancement and honoring the old ways. In many ways it is like any modern day country, with cars and televisions, internet and pop sensations.   But many of the citizens walk the streets with katana at their hips. Shrine's are populated with young men and women who can speak with the spirits of the lands and the government wages a war against outsiders who spill into their home through tears in the veil between realms, eager to take for themselves what they do not have.   Some of these creatures slip through the rifts and ferret themselves into society, hiding as a Kurinkonin to cultivate a better life. They strive to live by the rules of this culture, to integrate themselves as best they can and yet discovery can mean their death for strife towards these otherworlders is rampant in Kurinko, a society already struggling to meld new ways with old.