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Kunto Kenya

200 years after the Great Crusades

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In Northern Africa, years after the raids of the Templar Knights on all divisions of humans that were not Caucasian, the Templar’s long reign over the region has come to an end—or so it seems. There was no great revelation that freed Northern Africa, or as it is called now Kunto Kenya; but the lust of the very men who oppressed them. In this new land, the Knights had no reason to hold themselves back from their own desires. After all, these were “savages” they concurred, no one would care if they had a little fun. However, as they had fun, they had children; and as the region started to take on the culture and traditions of its new oppressors, officials and workers were needed. Society developed with the slave gradually becoming a citizen. More Templar moved in and like their now accustomed brothers, they started to mix and mingle with the natives. Only in the end, did the Templar Knights realize what they had done—they had sexed themselves out of power in the region. All their officials were now black, or at least mulatto. Most of their established noble houses had been bred into mulatto as well. The young Templar’s were married to mulattos and those who realized what was happening were old and frail. They tried to get more Templar or just lay European citizens to travel over, but the softer citizens of their home, Europe, were not willing to travel to the notorious area of Kunto Kenya. And so the Templar died off, leaving a fully mulatto presence in Kunto Kenya.   However, Europe will not leave a former stronghold alone for too long, and the mulatto humans of Kunto Kenya will have to prepare for a war on multiple plains if they plan to remain free.

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