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Krevaak is a cohesive, tightly-bound star system with fourteen planets that values trade, art, and community over all things. Populated by dozens of races, it sits apart from the wider galaxy, separated by culture and (quite literally) a million light-years of dead space. Born from the remnants of a brutal war that ravaged the system, the people of Krevaak abhor conflict, and will only resort to force if absolutely necessary. Among the many races residing in Krevaak, six stand out as the influential majority: the Raike, Munax-di, Mashta, Silorians, Pikaru, and Luara.   Eight hundred years ago, Krevaak was the site of a bloody, brutal war that nearly wiped out everyone living. The war began as a trade conflict between the Raike and the Pikaru, escalating rapidly from negotiation into vicious naval clashes. One particularly destructive battle strayed too close to Munax, with debris from the orbital battle getting sucked into the planet's gravity well and leveling a major city onworld. The Munax-di retaliated, and that retaliation was the spark that lit the powder keg. Every race in the system was sucked into the conflict, and it would have continued for decades if it weren't for a new player that entered six years in.   The Olriani came to Krevaak through the Dark Belt, the stretch of dead space separating them from the wider galaxy. It was never determined if the invasion was sanctioned by the galactic government of the time or if it was merely chance, but the Olrian invasion was perfectly timed and professionally executed. The people of Krevaak had decimated each other in their war, and the Olrian armada swept through easily. The occupation of Krevaak was harsh, brutal, and lasted more than eighty years. It was only through cooperation and a truly monumental effort that they were finally expelled from the system.   Today, Krevaak still remembers how separation nearly brought their doom and only by working together were they saved. Every year, on the anniversary of the Olrian Banishment, there is a week-long festival with food, music, and reenactments of the resistance. There is little contact with the outside galaxy, and the system is fully self-sufficient. The people live in peace with each other, barring the occasional spat between neighboring planets, but recently there have been a trickle of ships disappearing from the edges of the system, and people have begun to notice something from the Belt...

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