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The Seventeenth of Octrina in the year of 2449

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Many years after the apocalypse when a never-ending war destroyed everything, a city grew across the world. Corruption held in check, the world advanced again. DNA modifications and augmentations are symbols of the rich. Androids are a minority of the population. The government is a false democracy, a true communistic crossed with a dictatorship and a monarchy. Two heirs seek to save society from collapsing while learning the truth about their past. All the while Eastsummer prepares for a predestined space war, facing down their enemy, Viridios. The rights of androids are being threatened as they are slowly reduced to less than property, a benevolent programmer runs the path of a criminal to save her creations from doom. Two androids hide their sentience from their creator and try to deal with emotions and hunger. Their desire for freedom can prove to be more troublesome then they expected. A messenger finds themselves on the wrong side of the law after eavesdropping on a vital conversation. If they are able to pass the info to Viridios, it could prove the end of Eastsummer.

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The Climb to the Top

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